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Who we are

Adrenaline Venture Fund (AVF) is a Delaware Limited Liability Company (LLC) designed to enable private accredited investors to build a portfolio of venture capital investments in promising seed through early stage commercial ventures.

Who we are

The Fund’s structure and operating procedures allow the Fund’s general partners to work on behalf of private investors to gain substantial advantages over traditional individual “venture” investing.

Who we are

Membership is by invitation only and is extended to individuals who share our vision and will contribute to our process. We encourage both entrepreneurs and investors to participate with us by submitting your plan or inquiring about membership.


Seed and early stage venture funds and investors provide billions of dollars of funds each year for early stage companies. The Adrenaline Venture Fund investors and managing partners are sophisticated, experienced investors and operators that offer more than just growth capital. The career capital that is represented by our membership can provide valuable introductions, management expertise, and strategic coaching.

Funding Process

  •  Self Assessment.
  • Review Process.
  • Screening Meeting.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Term Sheet Negotiation.
  • Funding & Beyond.

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