Funding Process

Self Assessment.

Before submitting your business plan for our consideration, you must determine if venture capital – and specifically capital from our fund- is right for your company.

Screening Meeting.

After reviewing your business plan, our internal committee will determine if your idea could be of interest to our fund. If you succeed, you will be invited to present to the General Partners. Be prepared to deliver a 20-minute investor presentation and answer questions posed by this group for an additional fifteen minutes.

Term Sheet Negotiation.

After successful completion of the due diligence process, the fund will present a term sheet that defines the structure of the investment deal – including type of equity and board of directors representation, using industry standard terms and provisions.

Review Process.

Our business plan application is designed to extract the most important details about your business, so our internal review committee can decide if your company should: a) be invited for an initial screening presentation; b) be referred to one of our partners for help in evolving your business plan; or, c) be turned down as unlikely to receive funding from our members.

Due Diligence.

During due diligence, the fund will verify the statements made in your business plan, presentation, and financial projections. They will thoroughly research your teams background and track record. If you play an active role in facilitating this process, it will help to expedite a final investment decision.

Funding & Beyond.

When all parties are satisfied with the terms and language contained in the term sheet, the deal can be executed. But remember, closing the deal is only the beginning of the funding process. Now you have access to a network of value-added contacts and experienced professionals who can provide essential guidance for the growth and success of your venture. Adhering to the responsibilities at this stage will enable you to get the most from your angel relationship.